was formed for the purpose of collecting together a bunch of large, high-quality theme websites. is devoted to monsters of all types, no matter where they may be. Some come from ancient mythology or today's urban legends. Others come from our favorite movies and novels. member sites include:

The Cryptid Zoo: A Menagerie of Cryptozoology - learn about mythical creatures that might be real, according to scientists working in the field of cryptozoology. Chupacabras, Mothman and sea serpents are found alongside more tame creatures such as giant salamanders and the ivory-billed woodpecker. This zoo contains descriptions of more than 130 creatures of cryptozoology, along with resources telling you where to find more information about each creature, including exact pages of books and individual websites on the Internet.

Portal of Transformation - a folklore website, containing authentic traditional folk art, photographs of statues, and facts about a number of shapeshifters taken from world mythology. Goes far beyond the werewolf-only material that is usually found in websites of this type and includes werebeasts such as jaguar shamans, kitsune, tengu and selkies.

Jamie Hall, Author- Personal Home Page - the website of the creator of See Jamie Hall's werewolf books and other projects.

Cryptozoology Emporium - contains a wide selection of books and films about Bigfoot, the yeti, the Loch Ness monster, Ogopogo, the coelacanth, and also lesser-known cryptids such as the Golden Moon Bear, the onza and the buru. It also contains fictional novels and movies about Bigfoot, prehistoric sharks, sea serpents and other cryptids.

Shapeshifter Emporium - browse through books, films and other material about werewolves and their cousin shapeshifters, including a dozen graphic novels, over 40 recent novels, more than 30 movies on DVD, and even see information on the numerous upcoming werewolf movies that are now in production.

Ghosts & Phantoms Emporium - contains over 90 items of nonfiction, including documentaries, books about regional ghost lore, memoirs of ghost hunters and collections of "true" ghost stories. The fiction section includes more than 50 novels, short story anthologies, comics and movies, concentrating on the classics and today's bestsellers.

The Zombie Emporium - a collection of material for the zombie fan, including zombie movies, zombie novels, short story anthologies, video games and even some of that elusive zombie nonfiction, ranging from works of anthropology and folklore to zombie film guides.