Welcome to my list of books and films about creatures of cryptozoology other than the usual lake monsters and cousins of Bigfoot. Scroll down the page to skip past the nonfiction books and look at documentaries, novels and fictional movies about living dinosaurs, mystery cats, real dragons and many more cryptids.

The Okapi: Mysterious Animal of Congo-Zaire by Susan Lyndaker Lindsey, Mary Neel Green and Cynthia L. Bennett. A complete natural history of this animal that looks like a cross between a giraffe and a zebra, including the story of how it was discovered. The okapi is now used as a symbol of cryptozoology. The Field Guide to North American Monsters : Everything You Need to Know About Encountering Over 100 Terrifying Creatures in the Wild by W. Haden Blackman. This humorous guide includes cryptozoological entities such as Bigfoot, animalistic humanoids, lake monsters and unusual big cats, plus non-cryptozoological creatures such as the Mad Gasser.
The Feejee Mermaid and Other Essays in Natural and Unnatural History by Jan Bondeson. Animals from cryptozoology are examined alongside other creatures and monsters from folklore. Includes animals thought to have human-level intelligence, records of criminal trials of animals, mermaid hoaxes, and the basilisk. Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind's Reptilian Past by R.A. Boulay. This book argues that all our dragon legends are about real living creatures. It is not mainstream cryptozoology because it claims dragons are real by tying in this idea to the concept of reptoids or reptilian astronauts and saying that dragons were actually from another planet.
Onza! The Hunt for a Legendary Cat by Neil B. Carmony. The onza is a legendary big cat of Mexico. Only recently has it been acknowledged to exist by mainstream science, though cryptozoologists still question its classification as a variety of cougar. This book tells the story of those who spent their lives and fortunes searching for this very elusive animal. Strange Highways: A Guidebook to American Mysteries & The Unexplained by Jerry D. Coleman. This classic work is an unbiased collection of interviews and other information about people who have claimed they saw Bigfoot, the thunderbird, ghosts, or other things that science says should not be there. The author does not push any conclusions on the reader.
More Strange Highways: More True Stories of America's Unknown Creatures & Mysterious Happenings by Jerry D. Coleman. New material beyond what was covered in the first book. Sightings galore, including of creatures that belong to cryptozoology and also of creatures that are generally classed as supernatural. Mothman and Other Curious Encounters by Loren Coleman. A third of the book is about Mothman, a red-eyed flying monster that starred in a series of famous sightings centered around West Virginia. The rest is about legendary creatures that are similar to Mothman or that are so weird that they defy any attempt to classify them according to science.
Mysterious America: The Revised Edition by Loren Coleman. This new edition of a classic work includes creatures from cryptozoology such as giant catfish, American lions, the Dover demon, and the Jersey devil. Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology by Loren Coleman. The true history of a Texas millionaire who funded a great deal of research in cryptozoology and personally went on numerous expeditions to find the yeti, the Loch Ness monster, and other cryptozoological creatures. It also contains information about cryptozoology in general.
From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race by Andrew Collins & Richard Ward. This book argues that the angels and demons spoken of in the bible were actually a different race or species of humans. It says these guys only seemed supernatural because they developed high technology thousands of years before us. Chupacabras: And Other Mysteries by Scott Corrales. The story of Jorge and Marleem Martin's investigation into the "goatsuckers" of Puerto Rico, along with other mysterious or paranormal events said to occur on this island, especially UFOs.
Carnivorous Nights: On the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger by Margaret Mittelbach and Michael Crewdson. Two cryptozoologists travel in Tasmania, searching for evidence that this presumably extinct marsupial is still alive. On the way, they also look at other Tasmanian wildlife. The End of a Trail: The Cheetah in India by Divyabhanusinh. The cheetah used to live in India and certain other portions of Asia and the Middle East, before the modern wave of extinctions nearly wiped out the non-African cheetah. This book tells the history of these cheetahs, including unconfirmed modern sightings in places such as Afghanistan, and argues for the need to reintroduce cheetahs to India.
Throwim' Way Leg: Tree-Kangaroos, Possums, and Penis Gourds by Tim F. Flannery. The discoverer of twenty new species, sixteen of them mammals, tells of his adventures seeking unknown animals in New Guinea. The Grail Bird: Hot on the Trail of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker by Tim Gallagher. This bird is supposed to be extinct, but it still appears in sightings of all kinds. The author examines the reports that have been made by others and then does some on-site personal investigation.
The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf by Linda S. Godfrey, about a series of werewolf sightings in Wisconsin during the 1990's, plus modern sightings of similar creatures in other places. Half Human, Half Animal: Tales of Werewolves and Related Creatures by Jamie Hall. Contains reports of shapeshifters from all eras of history, right up to modern sightings from a few years ago.
Thunderbirds: America's Living Legends Of Giant Birds by Mark A. Hall. Birds larger than any known eagle or condor have been consistently sighted in North America, from ancient times to the present. Named after a giant bird of American Indian mythology, these "thunderbird" sightings are collected in this surprising book. Mystery in Acambaro: Did Dinosaurs Survive Until Recently? by Charles Hapgood. Ceramic figurines that are apparently thousands of years old are discovered in Mexico, and some of them depict dinosaurs interacting with humans. An elaborate hoax, evidence of dinosaur survival, or evidence that the ancients knew more about fossils than they were supposed to?
The Race to Save the Lord God Bird by Phillip Hoose. A readable history of the ivory-billed woodpecker written for a teen audience, it is gaining attention even among adults because of its lively storytelling style and thoughtful approach to conservation. This bird has "returned" from extinction more than once, and all hope is not lost. The Hunt for the Buru by Ralph Izzard. The story of some scientists searching unsuccessfully for northern India's reclusive giant lizard, a creature of cryptozoology that may or may not exist.
In Search of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker by Jerome A. Jackson. A person who is perhaps the most dedicated searcher for this bird condenses thirty years of research into this book. Dragons and Unicorns: A Natural History by Karin Johnsgard & Paul Johnsgard. This exercise in speculative biology looks at legends of dragons and unicorns, then theorizes about how dragons and unicorns might actually be if they existed. Much of the speculation leans towards pseudo-science rather than mainstream cryptozoology.
The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings by John A. Keel. Along with the resquisite ape-men and sea serpents, this book collects together a large variety of the weirder cryptozoological entities, such as winged men. The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel. This book is probably the most complete examination of the Mothman sightings that have puzzled researchers for decades.
Our Haunted Planet by John A. Keel. This book tries to explain a wide variety of weird events by saying that they are all caused by a separate race of humans that developed a high-tech society thousands of years ago. He says these have been known to us as fairies, gods or aliens because their technology is so advanced that it seems like magic to us. Meeting the Other Crowd: The Fairy Stories of Hidden Ireland by Eddie Lenihan. This book is a record of beliefs concerning fairies and mythical creatures in Ireland today. Many of the beliefs described are still alive, or only recently died.
Fabulous Creatures: And Other Magical Beings by Joel Levy. This book was previously titled A Natural History of the Unnatural World: Discover What Cryptozoology Can Teach Us About Over One Hundred Fabulous Creatures That Inhabit Earth, Sea and Sky. It focuses more on creatures from folklore than on standard cryptids. The Florida Panther: Life and Death of a Vanishing Carnivore by David S. Maehr. Written by the project leader of the Florida Panther Study Project, this book tells the story of a big cat that was considered mythical as recently as the 1970's, but is now known to exist beyond a doubt.
African Silences by Peter Matthiessen. A famous nature writer travels in Africa in search of rare animals, including two cryptozoological animals: the African peacock and the fabled African living dinosaur, Mokele-Mbembe. The Jersey Devil: 13th Child by James F. McCloy & Ray Miller. This volume contains sightings, police reports and articles about the infamous Jersey Devil, spanning two centuries. It also contains a large number of pictures that have been drawn of this creature.
Phantom of the Pines: More Tales of the Jersey Devil by James F. McCloy & Ray Miller. In this companion volume to the previous book, there are more detailed reports, sightings and legends of the Jersey Devil. The Dragon Seekers: How an Extraordinary Circle of Fossilists Discovered the Dinosaurs and Paved the Way for Darwin by Christopher McGowan. In the beginning, most fossil collectors still believed in the Bible and thought they were finding dragon bones. Since God would never let a species go extinct (so said the theology of the time) these dragons had to be alive somewhere, and thus paleontology and cryptozoology were at first joined.
Weird Georgia: Close Encounters, Strange Creatures, and Unexplained Phenomena by Jim Miles. Bizarre, seemingly paranormal events, UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters and more. All from the state of Georgia. Search for the Golden Moon Bear: Science and Adventure in the Asian Tropics by Sy Montgomery. This is one of two books (and the only one still in print) that Sy Montgomery has written about this bear that might be a new species.
The Search for the Pink-Headed Duck: A Journey into the Himalayas and Down the Brahmaputra by Rory Nugent. In this cryptozoology travelogue set in a remote area of northeastern India, one man searches for - and perhaps finds - a duck that is supposed to be extinct. No Mercy: A Journey Into the Heart of the Congo by Redmond O'Hanlon. A travelogue about one team's search for Mokele-mbembe in the African rainforest. Additional information is included about rare animals of the Congo, such as certain birds and the gorilla. African legends of supernatural creatures are also examined.
Tasmanian Tiger: The Tragic Tale of How the World Lost Its Most Mysterious Predator by David Owen. This book is a good resource on the thylacine, also called the Tasmanian wolf or Tasmanian tiger, an animal that has presumably been extinct since 1936. It also discusses modern sightings of the thylacine that seem to defy this conclusion of extinction. The Lions of Tsavo: Exploring the Legacy of Africa's Notorious Man-Eaters by Bruce D. Patterson. The lions of Tsavo national park might be a new subspecies. They are really huge, the males lack manes, and they behave differently than other African lions, including a greater tendency to become man-eaters. This book addresses the subspecies question directly.
Three Men Seeking Monsters: Six Weeks in Pursuit of Werewolves, Lake Monsters, Giant Cats, Ghostly Devil Dogs, and Ape-Men by Nick Redfern. Several investigators travel around Britain, investigating its lesser-known legendary creatures. This takes a paranormal view of things. Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend by Jeff Wamsley & Donnie Sergent Jr. A step-by-step account of the Mothman sightings in the order they occurred, written by two natives of the West Virginia town where it all started.
The Lore of the Unicorn by Odell Shepard. This well-researched book is widely regarded as the last word on unicorns. It approaches unicorns from every possible viewpoint, concentrating on mythology and cryptozoology the most. The New Zoo: New and Rediscovered Animals of the Twentieth Century by Karl P. N. Shuker. This book is all cryptozoology success stories, and includes animals such as the okapi.
Dragons: A Natural History by Karl P. N. Shuker. Supposedly for children, this book contains high-quality information about dragon lore that is detailed enough to be of interest to adult readers, and it approaches dragons from the standpoint of cryptozoology. Out of the Dark: The Complete Guide to Beings from Beyond by Brad Steiger. Covers a wide variety of beings, both cryptozoological and paranormal, but the author interprets all of them as paranormal.
Strange Encounters: UFOs, Aliens & Monsters Among Us by Curt Sutherly. The author talks about aliens, UFOs, mystery black panthers, Bigfoot and other strange creatures, explaining them all as being due to paranormal influences. Living Fossil: The Story of the Coelacanth by Keith Stewart Thomson. This is a record of both the African coelacanth and the Indian coelacanth, very primitive fishes that were supposed to be extinct for millions of years. One of cryptozoology's most spectacular success stories.
Fossil Fish Found Alive: Discovering the Coelacanth by Sally M. Walker. This 72-page book, heavy on photos, tells the history of the coelacanth and details of its biology. Mothman: Behind the Red Eyes by Jeff Wamsley. A collection of stories about Mothman, including eyewitness interviews. The sequel to Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend by Jeff Wamsley & Donnie Sergent Jr., it works hard to avoid retreading material covered in the first book.
The Ghost with Trembling Wings: Science, Wishful Thinking and the Search for Lost Species by Scott Weidensaul. The author tells of the search for many different animals that are presumed extinct but might still be alive. He has some success stories such as the Congo bay owl and Jamaican iguana, some failures, and some cases where it certainly looks like it is worth it to keep searching. A Fish Caught in Time : The Search for the Coelacanth by Samantha Weinberg. This book tells the history of both known species of coelacanth.
The Book of Beasts: Being a Translation from a Latin Bestiary of the Twelfth Century by T.H. White. This book could be thought of as an exercise in Medieval cryptozoology. It is a catalogue of creatures believed to be real by people living during that time period- bears, lions and wolves along with dragons, unicorns and griffons. Some of these creatures have since become of interest in the field of cryptozoology. Searching For Ropens - Living Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea by Jonathan Whitcomb. A thorough examination of ropen sightings in Papua New Guinea, one of the most remote areas in the world, and one of the few places where new mammals are discovered regularly.
Mammoth Encyclopedia of the Unsolved by Colin Wilson & Damon Wilson. A large collection of weird creatures and bizarre events, especially the most famous ones such as Bigfoot and the Bermuda triangle. Reality of the Serpent Race and the Subterranean Origin of UFOs by Commander X. This book argues that a species of reptoids (intelligent bipedal reptilian humanoids) has developed technology hundreds of years ahead of ours and is responsible for UFO sightings.

Chupacabra (DVD) Also known as Adventures Beyond Presents: Chupacabra. This documentary about Puerto Rico's legendary goatsucker contains witness interviews and generally seems to get a fair amount of praise. Of course, I think it is the only chupacabra documentary out there, so it doesn't have much competition. Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real (DVD) A look into the pseudo-science of dragons, brought to life with excellent CGI. This documentary purports to investigate a dragon corpse, but this body is actually just a prop used to further narrative-style speculations about whether dragons could exist. The disclaimers arrive late enough that some viewers could feel as if they have been tricked.

The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This is a classic of 1920s pulp fiction. An island in the remote southern ocean contains prehistoric survivors, including dinosaurs, winged humans, saber-toothed cats and many other cryptids. At the Earth's Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This classic fantasy is about two adventurers who accidentally discover a secret world inside the hollow earth. Here, dinosaurs have survived and gained intelligence, and they have cruelly enslaved humanity. This popular series continues in and three further novels.
Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The second Pellucidar novel is about the hero of the first book returning to Pellucidar to search for a woman he fell in love with. The Pellucidar series continues with Tanar of Pellucidar and two other books that aren't as popular as the first three. The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. One of the first novels about cryptozoology ever written. Scientists go on an expedition to a South American plateau where prehistoric life has survived undisturbed for millions of years. Written by the creator of Sherlock Holmes.
The Hunter by Julia Leigh. A researcher from a biotech company tries to find the last Tasmanian tiger aka thylacine, a marsupial predator that is supposed to be extinct. He has good evidence that at least one thylacine is still alive on an isolated plateau. The Descent by Jeff Long. Legends of hell and demons are actually based on a race of horned humanoids that retreated underground ages ago.
Fatalis: A Novel by Jeff Rovin. Cave-dwelling saber-toothed cats decide to hunt on the surface for human prey after a series of sinkholes make their underground world less attractive. The Last Lobo by Roland Smith. On a Hopi reservation in Arizona, there are sightings of a Mexican wolf, a subspecies that is supposed to be extinct in the wild. One boy must investigate, while protecting the wolf from his neighbors.
Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith. Teenage twins are sent to live with a mysterious uncle who happens to be a cryptozoologist. Shadow of the Thunderbird by D. L. Tanner. A cryptozoologist and an archaeologist search for thunderbirds in the Black Forest region of Pennsylvania.
Night of the Bat by Paul Zindel. A teenage boy goes to Brazil with his father to search for a new species of giant bat. Just as in most cryptozoology novels, the bats turn out to be real, and they are also dangerous to humans. Raptor by Paul Zindel. Living dinosaurs are discovered in a remote area of Utah. Young Zack makes friends with a hatchling dinosaur, while his father and another scientist fight about their different ways of winning a victory for cryptozoology.

13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil (DVD) Based on the famous Jersey Devil, a dragon-like creature of fringe cryptozoology. This movie interprets the Jersey Devil as a supernatural creature. Baby - Secret of the Lost Legend (DVD) Scientists discover living dinosaurs in Africa, two adults and a cute baby hatchling. Based on legends of mokele-mbembe, an African cryptid that resembles a dinosaur.
The Black Scorpion (DVD) Prehistoric giant scorpions have survived underground in Mexico. Volcanic eruptions cause fissures to form which let these monstrosities loose on the surface. A treat for fans of 1950's black-and-white horror. Bloodthirst: Legend of the Chupacabras (DVD) This modern imitation of bad monster movies stays fairly true to the original chupacabra legends, except for relocating this scare to Arizona and having victims of the chupacabra rise again as vampires.
Brotherhood of the Wolf (DVD) A mystery beast is stalking the French countryside. Superstitious peasants think it is a wolf or a werewolf, but every piece of evidence points to something that is not a wolf in any way. In fact, it is more like a cat. Based on the legend of the Beast of Gevaudan. Chupacabra Terror (DVD) Originally released under the title Chupacabras: Dark Seas. A scientist captures a chupacabra in Puerto Rico and tries to smuggle it to America aboard a cruise ship. But then the chupacabra escapes and it turns into a cheesy horror movie.
The Ultimate Godzilla DVD Collection Five godzilla films that should appeal to dedicated fans, but unfortunately having some problems with picture and sound quality. Godzilla (DVD) To fans of the Japanese originals, this film does not satisfy. But if you think of it as a stand-alone film about a radioactive dinosaur, it is pretty good.
The Land That Time Forgot/The People That Time Forgot (Double Feature) (DVD) Adventurers visit a land inhabited by dinosaurs and cavemen in both films, based the novel The Land That Time Forgot. The Last Broadcast (DVD) In this mockumentary, amateur filmmakers from a TV show attempt to film the Jersey Devil, a famous cryptid. This movie is similar in plot to The Blair Witch Project, but it came first. In fact, some say this movie inspired The Blair Witch Project.
Legend of the Chupacabra (DVD) A lame attempt to cash in on the chupacabra fad, this bad movie is only for those who love bad movies or those who must see everything with a chupacabra in it. The Lost Continent (DVD) In this 1951 film, a military search party ends up on a remote island (not a continent!) where dinosaurs have survived.
The Lost World (DVD) This 1925 classic is about explorers in South America who find an isolated plateau where dinosaurs still survive. Based on Arthur Conan Doyle's famous novel The Lost World. The Lost World (DVD) This 2002 apaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's novel is produced by the BBC. It is closer to the original novel than most film versions and has decent special effects, created by the same people who made Walking With Dinosaurs.
The Mothman Prophecies (DVD) A reporter is plagued by Mothman. Based on the nonfiction book of the same title by John A. Keel. Mysterious Island (DVD) This 1961 film features the animatronics of famed puppeteer Ray Harryhausen. Prisoners escape from the Civil War in a balloon and crash land on an island where prehistoric life has survived, ranging from giant flightless birds to giant crabs.
Q - The Winged Serpent (DVD) Quetzacoatl, a dragon-like winged serpent that was worshipped by the Aztecs, turns out to be real, and very deadly. Rare Birds (DVD) The themes here are cryptotourism and hoaxes. Restaurant owners fake the sighting of a reputedly extinct duck in order to drum up business.
Reign of Fire (DVD) Dragons are real, they were just hibernating deep in the earth. When they come out and start reproducing, modern civilization collapses. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (DVD) This is an imitation of old-style science fiction movies and 1920s pulp fiction. It contains giant robots, a plot to destroy the world and living dinosaurs.
Unknown Island (DVD) A photographer and several other people are trapped on an island full of dinosaurs and other prehistoric leftovers. The Valley of Gwangi (DVD) Cowboys from a Wild West show discover a secret Mexican valley where prehistoric life has persisted, from miniature horses to dinosaurs. You get a western and a cryptozoology-themed science fiction film rolled up into one.

FATE Magazine This publication is devoted to strange things in general, with an emphasis on the paranormal. It often includes cryptozoology reports about things such as lake monsters. Fortean Times Magazine This periodical contains articles about sightings of things and creatures that should not exist, including some cryptozoological material from time to time.

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