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Ghost Documentaries:

America's Haunted Houses (VHS) A video tour of famous American haunted houses and interviews with witnesses who say they have seen these ghosts. America's Most Haunted Town (DVD) A first-hand investigation into the heavily haunted town of New Hope, Pennsylvania, it claims to show actual spirit-forms on film.
America's Most Haunted Inns, Bucks County Pennsylvania (VHS) This companion piece to "America's Most Haunted Town" is shot in the same style and uses the same team and main psychic. Its main claim to fame is that it shows what is presumably actual footage of ghosts instead of re-enactments. Castle Ghosts of Ireland (VHS) About the ghost legends of three Irish castles: Leap Castle, Castle Leslie and Castle Matrix.
Castle Ghosts of Scotland (VHS) History and ghost legends of Scotland. The three castles investigated are Glamis Castle, Duntrune Castle, and Fyvie Castle. Ghosts of England & Belgrave Hall (DVD) Go along for a wild ride as the International Society for Paranormal Research investigates five hauntings. There are no lame re-creations, it is all investigation footage.
Ghosts of California (DVD) This "ghost tourism" video tells the ghost legends of places such as the Winchester Mystery House, Alcatraz, Bodie Ghost Town, Hotel Del Coronado and the Whaley House. Ghosts and the Paranormal World (DVD) This 8-disc deluxe set collects several previous documentaries: Ghosts of England, Ghosts & Witches of Olde England, Ghost Hunters x3 and Mysterious Forces x3.
Ghost Stories: A Paranormal Insight (DVD) Host Patrick MacNee guides the viewer of these collected TV shows to various haunted places, mostly in California and the Old West. The Ghosts and Witches of Olde England (DVD) This film explores some of the older, traditional ghost stories and scary legends of Britain.
Hauntings (VHS) First-hand investigations of three families who live in haunted houses. This time, the debunking crews are invited too, not just believers and psychics. Haunted Places (VHS)
Hollywood Ghosts and Gravesites (DVD) This film devotes most of its time to the graves of stars. The remainder is about well-known ghost legends of Hollywood. Life After Death Boxed Set (VHS) A series of investigations into the life-after-death question, including ghosts.
Real Ghost Stories (DVD) A new documentary, released in September 2004. It is a three-disc set. Scariest Places on Earth (VHS) A collection of several episodes of a weekly TV series that was originally aired by the Fox Family Channel. The viewer is told the story of various haunted places from around the world and then taken there to see what there is to see. Clean and suitable for kids.
Sightings: The Ghost Report (VHS) Collected ghost information from the paranormal television series Sightings. True Tales of America's Haunted Houses (VHS) Four ghost legends from the nineteenth century and earlier are told in great detail, including re-enactments. The locations are: Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, Raynham Hall in New York, Salem, Massachusetts, and California.
The Unexplained Boxed Set (DVD) This set actually has four documentaries on weird subjects such as vampires. One of these documentaries is about poltergeists. It examines the various explanations, both natural and supernatural, that have been traditionally ascribed to these cases, along with the details of four poltergeist manifestations. Ghosts of Tombstone (DVD) The California Ghost Trackers investigate several reputedly haunted sites in and around Tombstone, Arizona, such as the O. K. Corral and the Buford House.
One Step Beyond 12-Volume Set (DVD) A collection of 49 episodes of a classic nonfiction TV show about the paranormal. Even though it is half a century old, it has regained a following because of its style and quality. Mysterious Forces Beyond: Death and the Paranormal (DVD)

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