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The Amityville Horror (DVD) Based on a nonfiction book that has been called a hoax, this famous classic movie is about a house so haunted that it cannot be lived in. Beetlejuice (DVD) This 1980's classic tells of two newly dead newlyweds who bring in an exterminator to get rid of the pesky humans infesting their house. Everything ends up topsy-turvy. The exterminator is more trouble than he's worth, and the house's living occupants like being haunted.
The Bell Witch Haunting An independent film that is based on the true story of the Bell Witch, perhaps the most famous American ghost ever. Casper (DVD) Based on the comic books of the same name. This live-action film tells of the friendship between Casper, the world's only friendly ghost, and a little girl who moves into the mansion Casper haunts.
Dragonfly (DVD) A doctor's life is thrown into turmoil when he begins receiving messages from his dead wife. Ghost (DVD) This classic love story tells of a couple separated when the man is murdered and becomes a ghost. He has to get used to being a ghost fast so that he can use his new powers to solve his own murder and somehow protect his beloved, with the help of a quirky medium.
Ghostbusters (DVD) This classic 1980's comedy is about a cadre of paranormal investigators with technology that helps them battle ghosts. Soon, they are caught up in the results of an interdimensional fracture that could end the world. Ghost Dad (DVD) Bill Cosby stars as a new ghost who finds out that he might be able to pass as a living man for a little while after his death. He uses this time to put his affairs in order and pay back some karmic debts he owes to his family.
The Ghosts of Edendale (DVD) In this creepy, traditional-style ghost story, a hopeful Hollywood screenwriter becomes possessed by a ghost from the era of silent films. Ghost Story (DVD) Fifty years ago, four men accidentally killed a young woman. Now, in their old age, she is back as a ghost to take her revenge.
Ghost Watcher (DVD) An agorophobic young woman seeks help from the creator of a ghost-related website. The story is kind of told backwards, as we gradually find out the reasons why the main character is so paranoid. Gothika (DVD) After an encounter with a ghost girl, a respected criminal psychologist blacks out and then wakes up as a patient confined in a mental ward. She finds out that, during the period that she can't remember, she killed her husband.
The Grudge (DVD) Based on a Japanese film that was a big hit in its home country. A nurse enters a haunted house and attracts its weird, deadly curse into her own life. Haunted (DVD) A period piece about a skeptical professor investigating a haunted house.
The Haunted Mansion (DVD) Two realtors and their children get trapped in a spooky southern mansion full of ghosts. The Haunting (DVD) This 1963 classic film is often touted as the best ghost movie ever. Big on atmosphere, it will probably not please fans of gore. Based on the novel The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.
The Hound of the Baskervilles (DVD) In this 1939 classic, Sherlock Holmes is called to investigate deaths that are linked to legends of a phantom hound prowling the moors. He must separate fact from folklore before the hound claims more victims. Kwaidan (DVD) Four short films, each with a ghost in it and each based on Japanese ideas of the supernatural. This film collection has a reputation for creating gorgeous sets with beautiful, haunting images.
The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy - Special Extended Edition (DVD) This epic fantasy trilogy includes memorable scenes with ghost warriors, plus at least two other varieties of undead that could be counted as ghosts. Miss Morison's Ghosts (DVD) Based on an actual legend. Two Victorian-era women see ghosts from the past at famous tourist sites and struggle to prove that their experiences are real.
The Others (DVD) A British mother lives in stifling isolation, because her husband is lost during World War II and her children suffer from a skin disease that means they need to be kept in darkness. Then her daughter sees a ghost and mysterious circumstances follow. Poltergeist (DVD) Ghosts haunt several homes in suburbia and gradually become more menacing until they get deadly. This classic was followed by moderately successful sequels, Poltergeist II and Poltergeist III
The Shining (DVD) A struggling writer moves into a haunted hotel with his family when he accepts a job as its caretaker. Since this hotel is closed over the winter, it means months of isolation with murderous ghosts. Sleepy Hollow (DVD) Based on Washington Irving's famous fairy tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but with substantial changes and additions. Ichabod Crane is a cop sent to investigate decapitation murders in a small New England town. A ghost is supposed to be responsible for these murders.
The Sixth Sense (Collector's Edition) (DVD) A child psychologist tries to help a boy who says he sees ghosts, but instead of it being a mental illness, it turns out to be very real. Stir of Echoes (DVD) After being hypnotized, a regular working guy starts having visions of a ghost. The real danger is not the ghost itself, but rather that the visions may drive the main character insane.
Thirteen Ghosts (DVD) A poor family inherits a bizarre mansion of steel and glass that was built for the specific purpose of housing ghosts. To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday (DVD) In this thoughtful film about the meaning of relationships, a father allows his emotional involvement with the ghost of his dead wife to cut him off from the rest of the world.
White Noise (DVD) A man whose wife has died gets involved in the field of paranormal research called EVP or Electrical Voice Phenomenon, which is supposed to be a way to hear the voices of the dead in static. His wife leads him to investigate killings, and then things get even weirder. What Lies Beneath (DVD) A wife becomes possessed by a ghost. This ghost is linked to a dirty secret that her husband has been hiding.

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