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Ghost Novels:

House of Bones by Dale Bailey. Five investigators try to discover the secrets of a tower called Dreamland, a place with a violent past and a reputation for being haunted. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The classic Christmas ghost story, about a miser who comes to confront his evil actions.
The Good House : A Novel by Tananarive Due. A woman returns to her dead Grandmother's house, without knowing that her grandmother was a powerful voodoo priestess and that an evil spirit is waiting to destroy her. Haunted Ground by Stephen Gresham. When a boy's crippled cousin moves in with his family for the summer, she accidently attracts nearby ghosts.
The Woman in Black: A Ghost Story by Susan Hill & John Lawrence. A lawyer is haunted by a female ghost at a spooky mansion called Eel Marsh House, isolated on a swampy island. Ghosts by Noel Hynd. A detective on Nantucket Island investigates mysterious murders that are connected to hauntings. All the dead people have the same strange wounds on them.
The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. A classic ghost story, first published in 1959. A loner who has nursed her dying mother for the last decade is invited to participate in an investigation of a haunted house. She soon finds that the ghosts and evil forces just love her. The Resort by Bentley Little. At an isolated resort in the Arizona desert, the guests begin acting stranger and stranger. Soon a series of violent deaths are ocurring, but by that time the evil force is almost fully in control.
The House That Jack Built by Graham Masterton. A lawyer becomes possessed by the ghost of a notorious 1920's gambler after he begins restoring the gambler's mansion. He becomes strange and abusive towards his wife, the only person trying to save him. Hell House by Richard Matheson. A wealthy publisher pays a physicist and two mediums to prove that life after death exists. These people investigate a house so badly haunted that it had been sealed for years.
The Manor by Scott Nicholson. An art collector's ghost haunts the retreat that he had created for artists when he was still alive. The Forgotten by Tamara Thorne. A grown man who had a terrifying childhood begins hearing his dead brother's voice, while the town around him seems to become possessed.
Haunted by Tamara Thorne. A writer and his daughter visit a haunted house looking for research material. They find more than they wanted: an evil ghost who was both a murderer and a voodoo priestess when she was alive. The Haunted Abbot : A Mystery of Ancient Ireland by Peter Tremayne. An Irish nun arrives at a haunted abbey, where Christians and pagans are fighting, an unsolved murder awaits, and a ghost walks the halls.

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